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Best Practices: Apps vs The Cloud, Which is Right for Your Events?
Apr 19, 2016 by
When you’re setting up a temporary work environment in a meeting space or an office, software is critical. But whether you choose a native application, commonly referred to as an “App,” or a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), aka “Cloud” software, solution depends on your security demands, data storage requirements, output (reports, survey results, documents, etc.) goals, and budget constraints. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of both options can help you make better software...
How to Hold a Great Technology Summer Camp
technology camp, summer technology camp, SmartSource Rentals
Apr 18, 2016 by
When you think of summer camp, visions of campfires, outdoor activities and s’mores probably dance in your head. But when you think of technology camps, something different probably appears – which may include nerdy boys sitting in front of a computer screen all summer long. While Technology Camps don’t usually encompass the great outdoors, they also are not targeted exclusively to programmers and gamers. In fact, they DO have many of the same objectives as your typical camping environm...
5 Things to Know About WiFi for Outdoor Events
Apr , 2016 by
In the last year, WiFi has gone from being a “nice to have” to a necessity. But you have probably already figured that out, along with the fact that getting WiFi for an outdoor event is way different than getting it for an indoor event. Here are 5 things you need to know about WiFi for outdoor events that may help bring bigger success to your next event: There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to WiFi. How the WiFi is being used dictates which technology option is best and m...
The Best Meeting Planners Pay Attention to Learning Styles
learners, style of learning, SmartSource Rentals, technology
Apr 08, 2016 by
If you are holding a corporate training session or a conference with hundreds of attendees, it is best to recognize that individuals learn and carry away the information in different ways. Today’s blog post will address Neil Fleming's Visual, Aural, Read/Write and Kinesthetic (VARK) model and the tools you can use to drive home a crystal clear understanding of the content.   4 Learning Styles   Visual Visual learning is a style in which content is associated with images. Ac...
7 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your AV Budget Under Control
budget, AV budget, SmartSource Rentals
Apr 04, 2016 by
The budgeting process is probably the least favorite part of a meeting planner’s job, but it is an essential part of the job. Ironically, the more time and effort that is put into the planning phase, allows for less time spent on explaining budget overruns to your board and/or boss. Here are seven tips for building a better AV budget from start to finish.   AV Budgeting Tips and Tricks   Review your event history. Look at your actual audio visual costs and your post-even...
Hackathons 101: The New Way to Meet
hackathon, SmartSource Rentals, event planning
Mar 29, 2016 by
Computers and Collaboration Produce Results   What is a hackathon? Historically, it has been an event where computer programmers, graphic designers, and project managers collaborate intensively for 24-48 hours straight on a software project. Think of it as Red Bull meets computer geeks with the outcome of a new software offering or update. Often times, there is a significant dollar prize associated with the best team design. In the last eighteen months, hackathons have gone mainstrea...
Industry News: Museums Turn To Technology for Immersive Experience, Raise Engagement
Mar 23, 2016 by
Earlier this month at the SXSW Interactive Media Festival, experiential marketing pros gathered to discuss the changing landscape for museums. AV Network, a leading industry publication, covered the seminar titled “Tomorrow’s Museum: Designing Engaging Experiences,” where case studies were shared and hypotheses about the future were discussed. Read about it here. We have experience in this space, having worked with Radical Media on a breakout museum installation called the Museum of F...
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