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Hackathons 101: The New Way to Meet
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Mar 29, 2016 by
Computers and Collaboration Produce Results   What is a hackathon? Historically, it has been an event where computer programmers, graphic designers, and project managers collaborate intensively for 24-48 hours straight on a software project. Think of it as Red Bull meets computer geeks with the outcome of a new software offering or update. Often times, there is a significant dollar prize associated with the best team design. In the last eighteen months, hackathons have gone mainstrea...
Industry News: Museums Turn To Technology for Immersive Experience, Raise Engagement
Mar 23, 2016 by
Earlier this month at the SXSW Interactive Media Festival, experiential marketing pros gathered to discuss the changing landscape for museums. AV Network, a leading industry publication, covered the seminar titled “Tomorrow’s Museum: Designing Engaging Experiences,” where case studies were shared and hypotheses about the future were discussed. Read about it here. We have experience in this space, having worked with Radical Media on a breakout museum installation called the Museum of F...
How the FCC Rulings Can Help Planners Get A Better Deal on WiFi
Mar , 2016 by
Late last year, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a ruling on a controversial practice of some hotels and in-house convention center Internet service providers. Jamming the signal of a mobile hot spot or personal wireless device is apparently a no no in the eyes of the government. While the ruling is considered a win for exhibitors and hotel guests, it also paves the way for event planners to have more choices and negotiating power when it comes to venue-wide wireless access. ...
The Sharing Economy: Leveraging Short-Term Technology Solutions to Drive Business
Mar , 2016 by
There has been a time-tested recipe for business growth.  By making cash-intensive investments, businesses have sought a defensible market position by leveraging anything proprietary they can develop or buy. It has worked this way: Identify a market need Innovate or acquire Invest in the technology and capacity to produce the product Serve the market profitably, as only you or few others can It was an approach that worked for a few decades, until the recession that began in 200...
Follow These Strategies to Better Engage Event Attendees
engage attendees, SmartSource Rentals, polling attendees, Audience Response Systems rentals
Mar 22, 2016 by
Interaction + Fun = Participation   Every conference I have ever attended strived to be the best, better than last years and better than the competition. Even though the conferences had great motivational speakers, the message was many times lost – even just a few days after the event. Why? Because they were not speaking to me about my work challenges, I could not apply anything concrete from their advice. What can you do to make sure this doesn’t happen at your next conference? ...
Are Your Events Lacking Innovation? Try These 10 Tricks
c2 Montreal, BizBash, Innovative tips, Microsoft Ignite, SmartSource Rentals
Mar 17, 2016 by
From The Top 4 Meeting Innovators   Every year BizBash Magazine identifies the 15 most innovative meetings of the year. I always enjoy reading this article for two reasons: 1) To learn how far event organizers will push the envelope; and 2) To understand how technology improves the meeting experience. Today’s blog post will focus on the top four events and the creative ways they engage attendees.   C2 Montreal   This 3-day Canadian conference has established itsel...
Creating a Product Launch to Remember
Product Launch Technology
Mar 14, 2016 by
A product launch is a critical time for any business. These sensitive events are the big reveal after months or—more likely—YEARS of research and development. Not only is a product launch the debut of an item, offering, or service, but these events are deeply intertwined with a company’s image and branding. The company speaks about the product, but the product also speaks volumes about the company, while—ideally—vast numbers of your target audience are watching, listening, and learning...
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