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Dede Mulligan Bio

De-de Mulligan, CMP, CMM has been an experienced meeting professional since 1993. She has planned, coordinated and executed over 1,500 meetings for groups from 10 to 10,000 individuals.    She has... read more

4 Trade Show Trends that are Worth Noting

Without a doubt, trade shows are becoming more innovative and engaging. And let's face it, they need to be in order to keep attendees coming back. PCMA Convene Magazine recently highlighted four shows... read more

Why PowerPoint is Still Relevant for Meetings after All These Years

Believe it or not, PowerPoint has been around for 24 years. When you think about it, that is pretty amazing considering how many technology innovations have occurred since then. Think about... read more

5 Stellar Ways to Take Event Risks that Pay Off

Can you believe it? The Risk Management Society (RIMS), an organization of more than 11,000 risk management professionals, took some...(gulp)....risks at their annual conference last April.... read more

The Overarching Benefits of Mobile Event Technology

While more and more attendees, exhibitors and speakers are moving to mobile apps, there still seems to be some hesitancy on the part of those responsible for event planning to do so. If you are... read more

Hybrid and Virtual Events are on the Rise: What about Face-to-Face?

According to the May 2014 Virtual Edge Institute Digital Event Benchmark Report, hybrid and virtual events are trending upwards. This conclusion was reached by surveying 200+ event... read more

3 CSR Apps that will Get Attendees Engaged at Your Event

Whether you are managing a nonprofit, association or corporate event planning staff, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is all the rage with attendees. They want to do good and give back. But the... read more

5 Ways Technology can Tout Your Next Event

At last March's, South by Southwest conference, interactive event technology was all the rage. From virtual reality to 3D printing, marketers were showing their offerings to the 150,000+ attendees.... read more

4 Ways to Turn Off Trade Show Attendees

You worked so hard with your organization, event planning staff and the show manager to obtain the right position on the floor. You spent hours combing the best marketing materials and tchotchkes... read more

7 Super Questions to Ask Your Lighting Partner

Lighting - just like sound - can either enhance or degrade your attendees' meeting experience. Lighting is meant to set the mood and create an atmosphere where meeting participants feel invited and... read more

Perfecting Your Sponsorship Pitch in 8 Easy Steps

It doesn't matter how much you hate to do it, it must be done. I'm talking about getting out there and asking for sponsorships for your next meeting, conference or trade show. Most individuals in the... read more

Bring Your Conference Enthusiasm Back to the Office in 3 Easy Steps

Have you ever attended a conference so jazzed when you left you thought your feet were off the ground? You heard great speakers, absorbed new content and made a list of 15 things you want to... read more

3 Ways Planners can Stay Ahead of the Technology Curve

I think most event planning organizations would agree with this statement: Meeting planning used to be a whole lot simplier. Food & Beverage, Rooms Blocks and renting Audio Visual equipment was a... read more

4 Fantastic Ways to Find Attendees for Your Next Conference

As a meeting planner myself, I understand the struggles you have in achieving maximum attendance at your meetings and events. It seems as if everyone is in "last minute" mode and I know a number... read more

Survey Results Can Shape a Better Conference Experience

SAP recently held their Sapphire Now in Orlando for 20,000 attendees. Based on feedback from meeting participants who attended last year's conference, the event planning team at SAP really stepped up... read more

How MiFi Screws Up Your Meeting in So Many Ways

Everyone has heard or used them: MiFi. HotSpot. Personal WiFi. But what you don't know is with everyone setting up their individual WiFi system in the meeting room or on the trade show floor, it... read more

How Engaging Event Ideas Transition to Super Social Posts

I remember when I started blogging and posting on social, my biggest conundrum of the day was to figure out what to post. I didn't want it to be too commercial, yet it couldn't be too simple either. ... read more

Why Your Meeting Feedback is Missing the Mark Everytime

Gathering timely feedback is one of the cornerstone responsibilities of every meeting planner, and often it is a requirement of the job. However, we all know the saying "Garbage In = Garbage Out" so... read more

3 Active Steps to Make Certain You Have the Right Event WiFi Solution

With the plethora of technological choices available today, as well as, the constant churning of new offerings, is it any wonder that attendees and exhibitors alike yearn for the "shiny new... read more

Check This Out! Planners Weigh-In on the 3 C's: Challenges, Changes and Cautions

About 600 meeting planners took part in a Meetings Focus Trends survey that concentrated on what planners anticipated to be some of the forthcoming issues in 2014 and beyond.  Below is a 40,000 foot... read more

How Event Planners are Evolving to be Great Content Managers

Let's face it: Whether you like it or not, attendees are creating content about your meeting or event. The good, the bad and the ugly. But rather than trying to hold your attendees down or back -- why... read more