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6 Specific Steps that can Land Your Meeting a 5-Star Rating

Every hotel owner dreams of it; but very few receive it.  The coveted 5-Star Rating from Forbes Travel Guide or 5-Diamond Rating from AAA. In fact, of the thousands of US hotel properties, only 58 and... read more

What Does the Meeting Industry Think About Technology? Inquiring Minds Need to Know!

LiveTech londonlaunch, a master-class in digital engagement and social media, recently polled their attendees about the use of social media and technology for maximizing attendee engagement at their... read more

Change Your Mindset Meeting Planners: Use Big Data to Your Advantage

Hilary Mason, Data Scientist in Residence at Accel Partners, recently spoke at PCMA's Convening Leaders 2014 about understanding and using Big Data. Below are her thoughts in an October 2013 interview... read more

How Robots are Going to Rule the World...or at Least Your Next Meeting

If you are remotely as old as I am, you can remember when robot technology was introduced in the 60's, 70's and 80's. Robots were going to do everything from housework to homework. And while some of... read more

10 Terrific Trade Show Tips for All Exhibitors to Follow

If you are the typical exhibitor, you probably have your trade show calendar planned out for the next 12 months. As you and your team gather to talk about the logistics of your shows, it occurs to... read more

Concrete Questions for Checking Out an AV Provider

Whether you are planning a new meeting or considering changing your supplier for an existing one, it is important that you assess the overall capabilities of the AV provider. Without a doubt, it... read more

4 Fabulous Meeting Technology Predictions for 2014

GenieConnect, a mobile events app company, recently came out with their top 10 tech predictions for the New Year. Many of them validate what I have been writing about for the last 18 months. Here are... read more

Should Your Trade Show Speakers be Compensated? 6 Meeting Professionals Speak Out

Traci Browne, a trade show consultant with Red Cedar Marketing, moderates a weekly Twitter session called #ExpoChat where meeting professionals around the world can chime in about the latest... read more

6 Trade Show Trends to Pay Attention to in 2014

Trade Show News Network recently cited 11 New Rules in Trade Show Marketing that they believe will impact shows next year and beyond. Some of these milestones have been occurring for quite awhile... read more

6 Ways to Pull Off an Effective Product Launching Event

Are you tired of running email and direct mail campaigns about your new products and services that have limited impact on your target market? With the noise level on the digital scene and... read more

Want More Attendees at Your Next Conference? Start Solving Their Problems!

Believe it or not, we are becoming a society of problem solvers. Jay Baer, in his latest book "Youtility", talks in great detail about this and he has one quote that sums up his philosophy:  "Making a... read more

3 Tech Savvy Tips to Keep Meeting Planners Looking Good

As I work with meeting planners in the coordination of large events, it is scary how little they know about state-of-the-art audio visual and information technology. When I ask who is handling their... read more

Want Your Message Heard Loud and Clear? Rent a Sound Shower!

One of the newest innovations in sound technology is a mono loudspeaker with an amplifier and audio element that delivers high-quality sound in a designated area. The Sound Shower from PanPhonics can... read more

How Social Channels can Bring Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth

Everyone who participates in a trade show desires to introduce themselves to current clients and new prospects, engage with individuals while they are on the floor and be remembered long after the... read more

The Most Innovative Conferences Focus on Three Things: Sustainability, Seating and Social

BizBash recently identified the most innovative conferences of 2012 and I have to say, for the most part, each approach was above the fold. Trying to get thousands of individuals to... read more

5 Super Ways to Use Social Media To Promote Your Event

Even though social media has been around for 5+ years, it still hasn't quite found its place in most meetings and events. However, if it is used properly, many planners can take advantage of... read more

4 Tips to Get in Touch with the Needs of Your Meeting Attendees

Almost every planner I know, tries to effectively read the pulse of their audience -- whether it be through paper and pencil surveys, observing body language or responding to complaints. We want... read more

4 Killer Ways to Effectively Use Facebook at Your Next Conference

Encouraging attendees to post to your conference Facebook page can seem overwhelming -- a bit like herding cats. However, with over 1 billion users and growing, it is a safe bet that most... read more

Why The One Percent Solution will Work for Trade Show Exhibitors Every Time

Show managers often hear complaints from frustrated exhibitors asking a simple question:   Where have all the attendees gone?  At the Exhibit & Event Marketers Association's Red Diamond Congress held... read more

A Beginner's Guide to Choosing the Right AV for Your Next Meeting

If you are new to the meeting and event industry and need to rent audio visual equipment for the first time, it can be a little scary -- especially if you are being told what to do by everyone from... read more