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Five Compelling Reasons to Rent Tablets for Your Next Conference

The Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF) held their annual Transcather Cardiovascular Therapeutice conference in late October of last year. This six-day conference, held in San Francisco,... read more

How One Little Device Can Screw Up Your Meeting Attendees' Wi-Fi Experience

We have all been at a conference or meeting where we have experienced that infamous circle on the top of our smartphone screen or a statement that says "still loading" on our tablet device. And while... read more

How Google Glass Could Change the Meeting Industry

Everyone's talking about, yet no one really understands how it will be used. I'm talking, of course, about Google Glass. If this technology takes off, it will definitely have a place in the meeting... read more

Want to Make Your Awards Celebration Really Special? Look Closely at these Dos and Don'ts

Associations, nonprofits and corporations alike usually hold an annual gathering to recognize their members, board of trustees or employees and thank them for all their hard work over the course... read more

The Most Innovative Conferences Focus on Three Things: Sustainability, Seating and Social

BizBash recently identified the most innovative conferences of 2012 and I have to say, for the most part, each approach was above the fold. Trying to get thousands of individuals to... read more

Maximize Your Meeting Dollar: 7 Ways to Save Money on AV

Do you sometimes walk away from a vendor meeting feeling like you "left money on the table"? That you did not negotiate your best deal? It is the goal of most meeting planners to get the... read more

Read All About it! The Power of Travel Report is Out With the 3 Things You Gotta Know

The U.S. Travel Association recently updated their Power of Travel Promotion Report in an effort to help organizations make the case as to why travel matters and to encourage local... read more

Need Help Justifying Your Conference Attendance? Here's an Easy Process to Help Make it Happen!

Many individuals need to complete a cost/benefit analysis when considering a conference. We all do it in our head -- as we look over the speakers, see where the conference is being held and lastly... read more

4 Killer Ways to Effectively Use Facebook at Your Next Conference

Encouraging attendees to post to your conference Facebook page can seem overwhelming -- a bit like herding cats. However, with over 1 billion users and growing, it is a safe bet that most... read more

Real-Life Examples of How Meeting Professionals Use iPads at Their Events

Recently I followed a LinkedIn discussion where the following question was asked: "What's your favorite way to use iPads at events?" Three meeting professionals participated in this discussion sharing... read more

Is Your Meeting Prepared in the Event of a Disaster? If not, Check Out These 5 Ways to be Disaster Ready

No one wants to talk about it, but sometimes it just cannot be avoided. A disaster strikes your meeting and you need to have a plan because whether you like it or not, you are the "go to"... read more

Looking to Create More Brand Awareness for Your Next Event? Learn from These Top 10 Innovators

BizBash recently identified the top ten brands that are influencing the event industry. While most of these brands you will recognize, it might surprise you how many events they participate in and... read more

5 Cool Ways Interactive Technology Tool Rentals Can Make Networking Events Even Better

Branding your event is important, especially if you want first- or second-time attendees to return next year. With so much competition for event attendance, you need to find subtle yet effective... read more

Six Surefire Ways to Secure New Sponsors for Your Meeting or Event

Sponsorships for a meeting and event used to be easy. You would pick up the phone -- tell them the date, location and sponsorship levels -- and voila, within minutes the decision would be made... read more

Do Your Meeting Presentations Have Legs? 10 Killer Ways to Get Them Going

One of the things most speakers and event organizers desire is for their presentation or meeting to live on and on in the digital stratosphere. If the proper planning takes place not only can... read more

Another Trade Show Trend? Five Fantastic Benefits of a Hosted Buyer Program

Hosted Buyer programs have been catching some traction over the last couple of years. Rather than luring attendees to your booth with giveaways and contests, this system allows "buyers"  (attendees)... read more

Pearls of Wisdom about Presentation Preparedness from TED's Curator Chris Anderson

Every speaker wants to accomplish three things by the end of their talk: Have great stage presence Be well liked and accepted by their audience and Obtain additional speaking gigs or be asked back... read more

The Millennial Generation: Four Things You Should Know to Attract Them to Your Meeting

The Millennial Generation, or commonly referred to as "Gen Y" consists of individuals born between 1980 - 1995 (ages 18 to 33 years old). This is the group of individuals most business organizations... read more

Want Your Conference Attendees to be Fully Engaged at Your Event? Then Act as if You are Dating Them (Part 1)

Do you remember what it was like to date someone new? The first date you put on your best clothes, cologne and washed and waxed your car. You looked your best and put your best foot forward. And if... read more

The 4 Game Changing Messages Planners Need to Carry to All Sponsors

Until about five years ago, sponsorship of your meeting, event or trade show was as simple as taking candy from a baby. You had to do a brief pitch to the hotel, CVB or partner, give them a... read more